Published: 29/06/2022
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With a growing number of sexually frustrated clients, Bill Grant, a marriage counselor out of Texas, was faced with a critical decision...

“I could either keep doing my best to ‘counsel’ couples. But it was clear the real reason for their marital troubles (which often ends in divorce) came from the husband’s erectile dysfunction. So it was a no brainer - I needed to use my research background to investigate other ways of helping them,” said Mr. Cutler.

He then did what most marriage counselors never do - Mr. Cutler spent his spare time researching the true cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and potential ways of fixing it.

“I spent months reading clinical journals and research papers, but I kept coming up short. Hell, I started to think that the only options for my clients were little blue pills. But it was disturbing to see research connecting them to heart damage, stroke, and (ironically) impotence.”

“Hell, I started to think that the only options for my clients were little blue pills. But it was disturbing to see research connecting them to heart damage, stroke, and (ironically) impotence.”

Then, right before Mr. Cutler gave up, he stumbled upon something that many medical experts are calling an “ED breakthrough” with the potential to disrupt the entire ED pill market.

“I wondered why my doctor had never told me about it. You’d think that knowing about an entirely different ‘sex organ’ (that’s not your penis) would be an important piece of information for men. But only a small group of people in the medical community had it on their radar,” said Cutler.

The marriage-counselor-turned-researcher had uncovered what he calls a “secondary sex organ” that controls a man’s sex drive. And according to him, as well as a growing number of men’s health experts across the globe, it could be the key to quickly ramping up libido and restoring performance in the bedroom, regardless of age.

“This new approach has been changing lives! In fact, I’ve seen first hand how it’s transformed men’s sex lives (and their confidence levels), saved marriages, and ironically enough… made a lot of wives out there very very happy!

“But I have to admit that it’s been bittersweet for me. Because after experiencing a ‘sexual revival’, many of these men no longer need my counseling services and it’s hurting my business” said Cutler.

Mr. Cutler further expressed his “deep sense of responsibility” for getting his new research out into the general public, especially since “nobody else is talking about this.”

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ED Breakthrough

Controversial research that saved marriages.

So he put together a short video expose showcasing his new approach and how men can use it to “turn the tide” on ED.

However, since the video’s release, it’s gone viral... Which has made Mr. Cutler a very nervous man...

“I’m happy to be helping so many couples out there, but having that video online also means increased legal exposure. My wife thinks I’m paranoid, but I think a lot of Big Pharma lawyers would want this information censored. It’s just too threatening to their bottom line and could put those blue pill makers out of business. So I don’t think my video will be online for much longer,” said the former marriage counselor.

If you want to see Mr. Cutler’s controversial research and understand why it’s causing a ruckus inside the medical community, you can access his video by clicking here.

Since its release, Mr. Cutler has had to shut down his practice. But according to him, his wife, plus the wives of thousands of other men all across America, are “very very happy.”

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